Honoring the Family Traditions

Name: Whitney

Date: 2012

Tell Me About Your Tattoo: My mom’s family is Polish and my dad was adopted. So my siblings and I grew up with Polish traditions and influences around us. To honor my mom, my brother and sister got matching Polish eagles a few years ago. After my wedding this year (and seeing my family together and happy), I decided I wanted to do the same. Now that it’s done, I don’t regret it. I love it. It’s something my siblings and I share that is unique to our heritage. It was done by Chris Orr at the Mercy Seat in Kansas City – he does amazing work.

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In Memory of My Dad

Angel Wings Tattoo on Neck

Name: Angela Blithe

Date: 2012

Tell Me About Your Tattoo: I got this tattoo for my dad. My dad passed away in 2009.  My dad will always be my hero even in heaven. I wanted to let everyone know who my hero was. I choose this design because my dad was always an angel and I loved him dearly. The heart is blue, my dad’s favorite color. It didn’t take me long to decide that i wanted to get this for my dad.  I dont regret getting this tattoo.

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Forever and Always


scriptina font tattoo

Name: Lauren B.

Date: August 2012

Tell Me About Your Tattoo: The meaning behind this tattoo isn’t extremely deep to me, but I do love it. The band Parachute was introduced to me about a year ago and their music has helped me get through a few tough things in the past year. It’s amazing how music can do someone such a great deal, and make you feel a certain way! The words “forever and always” come from one of their songs. I got this 3 days ago so it’s fresh!

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The Making of a Sleeve

Tattoo arm sleeve Inside tattoo arm sleeve


Name: Jayson

Date: Beginning in 2006

Tell Me About Your Tattoo: Of all my tattoos, this one is by far the most elaborate and complex. The original piece was done in Ithaca, NY in the summer of ’06 and consisted only of the Polish coat of arms (both my mother and wife’s heritage) along with the date of my wedding anniversary underneath. The rest of the piece was done over a 5-session period (in Dickson City, PA) that logged roughly 20 hours of chair time. The first session included a complete makeover (power-lining and more intense shading) of the original, which had begun to fade. Next, I added the Welsh coat of arms (my father’s heritage)  on the inner part of my arm. The third session added a “26.2″ on the upper part of my arm, representing the mileage of a marathon, of which I’ve run three (indicated by the hash marks). The final two sessions consisted of the dot-work, starting with the grey in the fourth session and finishing with the color in the final one. I’m glad that the piece has continuity rather than a mish-mash of random items. Truthfully, I’d like to finish the entire sleeve but with my current job as a teacher, that might be frowned upon by my superiors!

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The Anchor He Wore

Name: Sarah
Date: 2011

Tell Me About Your Tattoo: My father-in-law, with whom I was very close, passed away unexpectedly. He was a former Navy Seal and always wore an anchor on a chain around his neck. The night he passed away, the family knew we wouldn’t have a memorial service for him, as that was his wish. My husband, my two sisters-in-law and I all felt we needed to do something to mark the passing of this wonderful man, so we found a 24-hour tattoo shop and all got matching tattoos that are replicas of the anchor he always wore around his neck. I had wanted a tattoo for about 15 years and nothing had ever been important enough to me to memorialize in this way until this. My tattoo is on the back of my neck.

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A Visible Piece of Your Soul

Tribal back tattoo

Name: Anonymous
Date: 2008

Tell Me About Your Tattoo:  I got my tattoo when I was 18. I have always been fascinated by tattoos as a form of permanent art and always knew I would get one. I also knew that whatever I did get, I did not want to ever regret it. I decided to take pieces of many different tattoo ideas that I liked and create one original piece made of several different designs. The choice for a tribal design came because I found that style to be very simple but beautiful. I planned and tweaked my design for 2 years before finally deciding upon this final piece. I have never once felt a single shred of regret and in fact would love to get another piece someday (but that may take a while). I believe if you put enough of yourself into a tattoo, you will never come to regret your decision because it represents a visible piece of your soul.

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Celebrating A New Passion in Life

EMT Star of Life Tattoo

Name: Kim T.
Date: July 2012

Tell Me About Your Tattoo:  I got the star of life tattoo on my right calf because I am an EMT and it is a symbol of my passion, saving people’s lives. I run 911 rescue in Sterling, VA and also work for a private transport company during the week while attending classes to become a paramedic.  It is my dream to be a paramedic, but it hasn’t always been that way. I have a previous degree from Decision Sciences & MIS and a minor in IT.  After working behind a desk for 40+ hours a week with barely any human interaction I went back and took a career placement exam and I scored highly in the medical field. I had a friend that became an EMT and highly recommended me looking into it as a career. I did a few local ride-alongs and fell in love and now it is my life 24/7 between work, volunteering and school. I felt that the tattoo best represents my new found passion in life!

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Can’t Take This Ring Off

Name: Dave A.
Date: 2011

Tell Me About Your Tattoo: When I got married I really didn’t want to wear a ring.  As a guy, I’m just not into jewelry.  I did have a wedding for a while, but one day while tubing I lost it.  I was sticking my finger in a bottle and floating the bottle in the water. At some point my ring slipped off and I watched it fall into the river. Rather than replace the ring, I saw this as my chance to get a ring tattoo. My wife was a fan because it’s a ring that I can never take off.

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Decisions Last A Lifetime


Name: Kim T.
Date: Summer 2007

Tell Me About Your Tattoo: My tattoo is of an infinity symbol on my right wrist to remind me that things happen in life that can last a lifetime, it reminds me to think about things before I make decisions that could affect my life forever, till the end of time.

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For My Son

Name: Lauren
Date: Summer 2011

Tell Me About Your Tattoo: Lucas in the name of my son. After he was born, I wanted to get a tattoo to honor him in my life. I got his name on my wrist because I knew I’d always see it. Whenever I go to do something, I see his name and think about him. It helps make better choices, because I think about him first.

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